About US

The Sudbury Cyclone Soccer Club is Sudbury’s newest sporting franchise, awarded a license to enter a Men’s First team play in the League2 tier of League1 Ontario.

The SWSE is the proud owner of the Sudbury Wolves OHL Team, the Sudbury Five NBL team, and the Sudbury Spartans Football team. Dario Zulich, the owner of Sudbury Wolves Sports and Entertainment (SWSE), is a prominent figure in the Sudbury community and a strong advocate for sports and entertainment in the region.

Over the years, Zulich has been actively involved in numerous community initiatives and has shown a keen interest in expanding sports offerings in the city. As part of this commitment, Zulich has been eager to include an elite soccer team as part of the SWSE organization, and thus the Sudbury Cyclones were born.


The Men’s First Team will consist of men’s players from Sudbury and across Canada.
Season details will be released shortly. The Men’s First Team will play in Sudbury from May to August 2024. We hope you will join us in supporting the return of elite soccer to Sudbury after a 40+ year absence.


The Cyclones Academy aims to deliver elite on-field training, focusing on developing technical skills, tactical skills, and positional skills.
This training is intended to be supplementary and complementary to club activities and aims to produce players from Northeastern Ontario who can eventually play for the Cyclones First Teams under the Sudbury Cyclones Soccer Club.


The Sudbury Cyclones aim to promote the sport of soccer in Northern Ontario by providing an inclusive and supportive environment for players of all levels to develop their skills and compete at a high level. We strive to foster community engagement and to become a leading organization in the development and growth of soccer in the region. We are excited to bring the energy and passion of professional soccer to Sudbury and look forward to making a positive impact in the community. We are dedicated to promoting soccer in the community and are committed to engaging with fans and building a strong following for the team.


We welcome you to Sudbury Cyclones and encourage you to register and become a part of our wonderful team or academy. Register today and engage yourself in a spirited soccer action in a healthy and fun environment.